VLC media player Win64 nightly builds

Remember to test the latest nightly build before reporting a bug (in one of the older nightly builds). Have fun!

Please report nightly builds breakage (meaning that there is no new build) on #videolan on irc.freenode.net.

What's the stable branch?

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Index of /build/win64/vlc-3.0.3-20180528-0546/

Index of /build/win64/vlc-3.0.3-20180528-0546/

SHA512SUM                                          28-May-2018 06:05    1172
vlc-3.0.3-20180528-0546-win64-debug.7z             28-May-2018 06:05    119M
vlc-3.0.3-20180528-0546-win64-debug.zip            28-May-2018 06:05    257M
vlc-3.0.3-20180528-0546-win64.7z                   28-May-2018 06:05     33M
vlc-3.0.3-20180528-0546-win64.exe                  28-May-2018 06:05     38M
vlc-3.0.3-20180528-0546-win64.msi                  28-May-2018 06:05     51M
vlc-3.0.3-20180528-0546-win64.xpi                  28-May-2018 06:05     43M
vlc-3.0.3-20180528-0546-win64.zip                  28-May-2018 06:05     64M
vlc-contrib-x86_64-w64-mingw32-20180528.tar.bz2    28-May-2018 06:05    274M